3 ways to make your chicken more delicious

If you are getting bored of your everyday chicken meals so you can change your taste by some unique way. But it’s not like you need fresh chicken for that. Because in these worlds everything getting fresh is too much unexpected.SO, you are making your meal with frozen chicken and try these ways by which I hope u don’t feel the boring taste anymore:

The gravy: Yes, its sound surprising but you can freeze your chicken with gravy. It will taste the same as well as you need to freeze with those kinds of vegetable which can remain good after free like guard, tomato, carrot, capsicum etc. But if you select any kind of those vegetables which are not remain same after the freeze that will ruin your gravy’s taste. Then you can cook your chicken in a gravy from with the frozen vegetable and when you need it just put it in your microwave and enjoy.

Fry coated: There is no one who doesn’t like the deep-fried chicken fries. And if you are getting bored of your heated or microwave baked chicken you just try it in another way like making the chicken fry. And for that you just prepared the coated for fries or the sauce and ingredients to make a yummy chicken fry and freeze it in your freezer after that when you are rushing with your time but want a delicious meal or snack for anytime you just put your coated chicken into the hot oil and enjoy your chicken fry.

Marinated Chicken: Yes, if you want to do an experiment with your frozen chicken you can also apply these tricks of marinated chicken. We also get the marinated halal chicken suppliers Singapore in many stores in Singapore and all over the world. It’s easier to cook in any way and of course it tastes good.

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