Top 5 Minecraft Adventure Maps- (From 2011)

Parcel and part of Minecraft is your ability own map, and explore other people’s creations. However, with maps out there It can be hard to wade to discover the gems. If you’re Fresh to Minecraft or want to be certain that you haven’t missed some great Maps, check out these five Minecraft adventure maps.

5. Sky-block 2.0

Sky Block’s first version became popular for the restricted map size of it. This follow-up version starts you on a little island floating in the middle of nowhere and adds two sky blocks into the map. It includes things as you explore the challenge map to find. Until you work out how to create a wheat farm, a woods, and a farm, you won’t have mastered this map.

4. Aramis

This RPG survival map is called Imperial Lands and is enormous. The influences of names, like Oblivion the Morrowind series, the Fallout Series, and Assassin’s Creed although this map does inspire. This map eight village spans 11 cities, three key empires, and over 250 quests. The quests provide about 40 hours of game-play and follow a style very similar to those. There is an economy with a system, and tasks to earn money. Be certain not to overlook the roller coaster railway which offers a long ride.

3. The Forgotten Temple

A favourite and was one to appear in Minecraft. By dropping the player with a couple of signs, it plays much like a version of adventure games like Zork. You have to solve puzzles doors and passageways, blocks that are sound and Minecraft’s first scoreboard. It provides approximately 20 minutes of gameplay.

2. Deep Space Turtle Chase!

A map that is new and is available on the VoxelBox server. The map includes a texture package, but you have a system to load it. The map is packed with details to the brim to discover and tons of things to do. On this map, you can spend untold amounts of time with something around 50 Easter eggs available. But this is a map. Deep Space Turtle Chase belongs in the top three while players will argue about that map is the toughest.

1. Escape the Puzzle-master

The response to the Portal games of Minecraft, as it puts you in the position of attempting to escape a scientist who has put you. The way out, since the map name suggests, is to address a set of puzzles. They will give you a set of clues that will help you solve the puzzles, and they written to be useful, but not provide a clear solution.

The maze challenges comprise of lava, riddles, running and parkour obstacles. You are not going to advance but also provides rewards, along with the ingots.

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